Our History

For three generations, Delray Homes has been a family owned and operated developer of fine residential, retail and office spaces throughout Monmouth County. Originally founded in 1937 by Michael Manzo as a contracting company with commercial holdings, Delray Homes recently started developing residential properties and has been responsible for building many homes throughout the Monmouth County area.

We pride ourselves on three core principles that apply to all areas of our company: Integrity, commitment to detail and superior customer service.

Experienced Team

Delray Homes has been providing quality construction services and homebuilding for three generations. Our success is rooted firmly in the relationships we nurture with our preferred contractors and tradesmen. Many of these companies and individuals have been part of our team since the beginning and like us, have a vested interest in providing the best quality materials and services to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. By partnering with the right vendors, contractors and suppliers, we have been able to continue our tradition of excellence throughout our history and will continue this tradition for years to come.

Diversified Strength

The strength of a company through all economic cycles is determined by how prepared they are through a variety of market changes. By creating a diversified- portfolio of properties and holdings, Delray Homes is poised to succeed through any economic climate. We believe that our strength during any market provides our customers with a level of confidence in our ability to always provide the level of service and quality that they depend on for their homes and businesses. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and quality craftsmanship.

Why Choose Delray Homes

Because we care about what we do, the final product and providing the value our homebuyers and business partners expect matter greatly to our success. We believe that people do business with people they know and like. Delray Homes is a company made up of real people with genuine cares and concerns for the homebuyers and businesses we serve and their goals. We are there for our customers from the start of the project, through completion, closing and beyond. No one cares as much about what we do than us!

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